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I can’t let Impatience rob me of the creativity available to me now. I can’t let Impatience for this thing to be done ruin the quality of the thing! So I’m refocusing. I’m going to go play with the dogs and when I come back I’ll have the patience of a saint.


Usually once a week Overwhelm takes over my entire life and I can’t do anything. I get pretty much zero done on days of Overwhelm. There’s no motivation to do anything when there’s EVERYTHING to do!

I’ve sat in bed for hours thinking about the amazing amount of things that needed to get done. Then when I got out of bed and found my way to the computer I was so overloaded with tasks that the only thing I could do was go look at Facebook. Then it’s time for dinner. Then sleep. But I can’t sleep because I’m thinking about the EVERYTHING that I didn’t do today.

What a cycle!

Overwhelm comes from us putting too many projects on our plate then losing track of them.

These are the ways I get out from Overwhelm:

Rome has grown since its humble beginnings that it is now overwhelmed by its own greatness. – Titus Livius

1. Subtract. Most problems can be fixed by taking something away instead of adding something else. When there are too many plates spinning then they’re all more likely to come crashing down. How can you simplify your life? What responsibilities can you get rid of? What trips can you get out of? What websites can you stop visiting? What mediocre books can you stop reading? [Check out the “Via Negativa” section of my Light Beige UA SK8Hi sneakers Nude amp; Neutrals Vans yhKOh
for a ton of ways to win with subtraction. You may also want to try slipon shoes Brown Alberto k3Z5q8Mn

1. Subtract.

2. Organize. This goes back to the first recommendation to escape Impatience: “Have a map”. Organize your life so you can see all your major activities–professional and personal–on a single sheet of paper. When it’s all in front of you then it becomes much easier to digest. Break every project down into pieces small enough pieces that you understand everything that needs to be done to complete the thing (or at least get to the next step).

2. Organize.

Schedule time to complete every one of these tasks. You’ll instantly see your overwhelm dissipate.

(Borrowed from Pat Johnson)

3. Lower the bar. One of the most universal feelings of our generation is, “I should be doing more.” Nobody is happy with where they’re at. There’s a massive gap between where you are and your ideal place in life. Same with everybody else. It’s not a bad thing to want to have ambitious goals but sometimes those goals can actually get in their own way. If you’re just setting around feeling bad for not having reached your goal then you probably won’t be working hard to get to it.

This month brings this new Quick Facts on "Women in the Federal Offender Population," and here are just a few data tidbits from the document that caught my attention:

Females make up a small percentage of federal offenders. The proportion of federal offenders who were women decreased slightly from 13.3% in fiscal year 2013 to 13.1% in fiscal year 2017.

More than two-thirds of female offenders (68.0%) had little or no prior criminal history (i.e., assigned to Criminal History Category I).

Weapons were involved less frequently (6.1%) in cases involving women than in cases involving men (10.1%).

More than three-quarters (76.9%) of female offenders were sentenced to imprisonment, which is less than the rate for male offenders in fiscal year 2017 (93.8%).

For each of the past five years, female offenders were sentenced within the guideline range in less than half of all cases (40.2% in fiscal year 2013 and 36.6% in fiscal year 2017), compared to 49.8% and 49.2% for male offenders.

The average sentence imposed slightly increased over the last five years, from 27 months in fiscal year 2013 to 28 months in fiscal year 2017.

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The title of this post is the title of metallic Alter Snakes Skin ankle boots Grey Stella McCartney fMxJAZ7O
now available via SSRN and authored by Jeffrey Fagan and Amanda Geller. Here is the abstract:

Racial disparities in capital punishment have been well documented for decades. Over 50 studies have shown that Black defendants more likely than their white counterparts to be charged with capital-eligible crimes, to be convicted and sentenced to death. Racial disparities in charging and sentencing in capital-eligible homicides are the largest for the small number of cases where black defendants murder white victims compared to within-race killings, or where whites murder black or other ethnic minority victims. These patterns are robust to rich controls for non-racial characteristics and state sentencing guidelines.

This article backs up the research on racial disparities to an earlier stage of capital case processing: the production of capital-eligible cases beginning with the identification of potential defendants by the police. It seeks to trace these sentencing disparities to examining earlier stages in the processing of homicides. Using data from the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Reports, we examine every homicide reported between 1976 and 2009, and find that homicides with white victims are significantly more likely to be “cleared” by the arrest of a suspect than are homicides with minority victims. We estimate a series of hierarchical regressions to show that a substantial portion of this disparity is explained by social and demographic characteristics of the county in which homicides take place. Most notably, counties with large concentrations of minority residents have lower clearance rates than do predominantly white counties; however, county characteristics do not fully explain the observed race-of-victim disparities. Our findings raise equal protection concerns, paving the way for further research into the production of capital homicides and the administration of the death penalty.

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/ Putting the Passion in ethical PR

4 August 2015

Good PR and marketing strategies are core to any great business trying to stand out. Cynically, PR has been called the dark arts – Edward Bernays (related to Sigmund Freud) literally wrote the book on it – but Passion PR wants to change that

Leanne Frisbie runs Passion PR, the ethical PR company that campaigns only for businesses and organisations trying to make a positive impact on culture, people or the planet.

“They’re what I call conscious businesses that are trying to make a difference through what they do. In setting up Passion PR almost seven years ago I had a gut feeling that more and more businesses would become interested in working with people who share their values and that’s happening,” she says.

Passion PR boasts a client list that includes Wanderlust, The Exceptional Health Company, Golden Yogi, Red Seal, Ceres Organics, and Mrs Rogers – all companies that have one thing in common: they’ve chosen Passion PR because they share similar values. They are companies that care about people, culture or environment and getting this message to their audience as part of their marketing.

“Marketing of ethical or conscious brands is not a lot different to marketing other brands: the principles are all the same, it doesn’t matter who you’re promoting, the same skill set applies,” says Leanne. “I like to think that we’re using PR to level the playing field for those ethical brands that don’t have the same PR budgets as the bigger, shall we say ‘less conscious’ brands. In doing so we’re also influencing the less conscious brands because they see the positive stuff other brands are doing through the media and marketing and want to keep up.”

Leanne says that there’s a dilemma in PR in the way it and marketing can contribute to consumerism, so she aims to avoid or work within that dilemma in the best way possible.

“I try to work with companies that sell products made in a more sustainable way or that add to the health and well-being or the enhancement of people’s lives in some way, or companies that are selling experiences rather than material goods such as Wanderlust.”

Within those businesses, and the realm of the dilemma, there is a fair amount of reputation advising and making sure that clients think about how their values stack up in the real world.

“A brand may believe it’s totally eco-friendly or sustainable,” Leanne says, “But I try to challenge them because I know the public certainly will and that can damage a brand. For example, I put pressure on one of my clients about the use of palm oil. I said to them, ‘you’re saying that you use sustainable palm oil but do you actually know what that means?’ They said they had a certificate but didn’t actually know what it meant in practice.

“In theory all palm oil is sustainable, once you’ve cleared away a rain forest. You can easily replant palm trees and they grow quickly, so what does this term sustainable palm oil actually mean?”

Leanne says that one of the things she loves about her job, and that sets it apart from other agencies, is the fact that she gets to work with brands to help them improve their sustainability practices because this is all part of reputation management if a company is marketing itself as an “eco” brand.

“For example the whole food packaging issue: you might have an organics brand that isn’t concerned about its packaging, only what’s inside the packet. But the public doesn’t look at it that way. Conscious consumers get confused when there are conflicting values in a brand – such as unsustainable packaging for an organic product, or a socially conscious brand that doesn’t seem to care about the environment.

“So part of my role involves saying to a company, ‘look, when you’re going out there and telling people how positive your product is, they are going to question it and it doesn’t take long for them to dig up anything that isn’t congruent with the marketing’. You have to have all aspects of your house in order, not just parts of it.”

Leanne cites the agency’s new play, ‘ laceup sneakers Green Santoni H10fuA0Ag
(showing at the Aotea Centre, Auckland from 4-14 August), which focuses on climate change, as a way of engaging with audiences through new mediums. The play is an exploration of the way humans have felt powerless or indifferent to act on the biggest issue of our time – climate change.

There are financial consequences that come with being an ethical PR agency and working only with clients that align with your values but Leanne says that making a difference offsets the financial loss.

“You’re basically cutting out a whole segment of the market that you could work with. Often it’s a challenge because massive corporations find it hard to line up with ethical and sustainable and social values because they are so fixated on returning profits to shareholders.”

She says that although there are many brands that Passion PR wouldn’t work with, the agency doesn’t apply a rigid criteria to prospective clients as long as they are trying to make a positive difference in some way.

“It’s about getting people that are on the sustainability journey and are wanting to change and being able to help them further by showing them the benefit – from our point of view – of being a great, ethical, conscious and sustainable brand.”

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